What is the age limit?

Local Government Code 143 requires that you be at least 21 years old and eligible to be licensed by the state of Texas and you must be certified before your 45th birthday.

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1. Where can I find job opportunities with the Police Department?
2. What is the application process?
3. What should I expect on test day?
4. Do you offer a study guide for the written test? What is the test over?
5. I have previously used marijuana; will that disqualify me?
6. Will a family violence conviction disqualify me?
7. I have a Class B or higher conviction; will that disqualify me?
8. When will I start the police academy?
9. Do you recognize other state’s police officer certifications?
10. What is the age limit?
11. I have used heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, steroids or any other illegal narcotic at some point in my life, would that disqualify me?
12. How long is the hiring process?
13. Is a college degree required?
14. What is the work schedule?
15. What police officer positions are open?
16. I have failed the written or physical test in the past, can I test again?
17. What is your tattoo policy?
18. What is your facial hair policy?
19. What specialized divisions does Terrell offer?
20. How do I apply?