I have previously used marijuana; will that disqualify me?

If you have used marijuana at any time in the last 2 years that will disqualify you.

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1. Where can I find job opportunities with the Police Department?
2. What is the application process?
3. What should I expect on test day?
4. Do you offer a study guide for the written test? What is the test over?
5. I have previously used marijuana; will that disqualify me?
6. Will a family violence conviction disqualify me?
7. I have a Class B or higher conviction; will that disqualify me?
8. When will I start the police academy?
9. Do you recognize other state’s police officer certifications?
10. What is the age limit?
11. I have used heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, steroids or any other illegal narcotic at some point in my life, would that disqualify me?
12. How long is the hiring process?
13. Is a college degree required?
14. What is the work schedule?
15. What police officer positions are open?
16. I have failed the written or physical test in the past, can I test again?
17. What is your tattoo policy?
18. What is your facial hair policy?
19. What specialized divisions does Terrell offer?
20. How do I apply?