How do I update my information?

If you are on our waiting list for the HCV program, you must keep all your information up to date. For your convenience, you may create an applicant portal account at Assistance Connect website. In the applicant portal, you can:

  • View Waiting List Status
  • Update your Contact Information
  • Send Secure Messages and Contact Us
  • View and Print Required Documents

AssistanceCheck is an easy and convenient way to make updates to your housing application without having to make a trip to our office or sending updates in the mail. You are highly encouraged to create an AssistanceCheck account.

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, Terrell Housing Department will send a letter inviting your family to an eligibility interview. Terrell Housing Department will use the most current address listed on your application. Failure to keep a current mailing address could result in missing your interview and having your application withdrawn.

You may also send a message to Housing Department's email to update your information. When sending emails to update your contact information, please include your name, birthdate and the last four digits of your social security number for identification purposes.

Please note that a change of address with the United States Postal Office is not sufficient for a change of address with our office.

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