Am I eligible for housing assistance?
  • Eligibility will not be determined at the time you apply. Rather, eligibility will be determined in the order you are called from the waitlist for an eligibility interview. In the eligibility interview, that determination will be made. Terrell Housing Department will review the following eligibility categories to determine if you qualify:

    • Does the makeup of the family meet the definition of family used by Terrell Housing Department?
    • Is the total gross income below the income limits for the program at the time?
    • Does the family meet the criteria regarding citizenship or eligible immigration status?
    • Has the family disclosed all social security numbers and signed all required consent forms?
    • Have all adult household members passed the criminal background check?
    • Are any adult household members on the registered sex offenders list?
    • Does the family owe any debt to Terrell Housing Department or any other federally assisted housing program?
    • Has the family been evicted from federally assisted housing within the past 5 years?

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2. Am I eligible for housing assistance?
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