Digital Literacy & Certifications

WINGS: Digital Literacy Classes are free programs for adults (ages 18 and older.) Students must have a library card to participate in these programs. To apply for a library card, visit Riter C. Hulsey Public Library at 301 N Rockwall Avenue, Terrell, Texas. Library cards are free to first-time patrons.

About Our Digital Literacy Program

HPL has two different Digital Literacy partners.  Students should enroll in the Program that best fits their individual needs. Scroll to the bottom for a map to help you decide which program best meets your needs. 

  • Northstar Digital Literacy provides career upskills with professional IT Certifications.
  • Senior Planet provides basic knowledge of computers and devices with no certifications.

Northstar Digital Literacy 

A free self-guided online or in-person set of classes and assessments in either English or Spanish that show the learner's ability to perform computer tasks. 

Certificates can be earned in each of these areas:

  • Essential Computer Skills: Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows, Mac OS
  • Essential Software Skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs
  • Using Technology in Daily Life: Social Media, Information Literacy, Supporting K-12 Distance Learning, Career Search Skills, Your Digital Footprint

To Earn an IT Certificate

  • For a certificate, each assessment must be proctored remotely or taken in a supervised setting. Please contact the WINGS Coordinator for Exam Proctoring.

How to Enroll

Senior Planet Digital Literacy Program 

A free in-person, multi-week set of computer classes designed for people with little to no knowledge of digital devices and technology. This class does not provide IT Certifications. 

The following topics are introduced in this class:

  • Computers, Windows, Internet, Intro to Email, Apps, and Social Media

How to Enroll

To sign up for the Senior Planet Computer Skills Class click on this link: Senior Planet Enrollment Form

If you would like more information about other Senior Planet Class options, please go to the Senior Planet page for those details.

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