Item Donation Policy

Hulsey Public Library appreciates book donations, unfortunately, due to limited space we can only accept donation items that meet our parameters.

Gifts of materials are accepted by the Riter C. Hulsey Public Library with the understanding that they may or may not be added to the library's collection. The decision to include gift materials will be based on the following considerations: whether the items meet the library's standards of materials selection; whether the physical condition of the items is satisfactory; and whether the library has any need for the title or added copies of the title.

Gifts that are not selected for inclusion in the library's collection will be disposed of as the library staff sees fit. Usually, such items will be offered publicly in return for a token donation. Donors who wish to reclaim any items that are not selected must indicate their desire to do so on the library's gift receipt form. Donors who wish to reclaim items will be responsible for retrieving said items from the library within three days of notification by library staff that items in their donation have not been selected.

If a list of donated items is provided by the donor at the time of donation, library staff will certify its accuracy. However, library staff will not construct such a list. As library staff are not trained appraisers, they will make no valuation nor certify the valuation of donated materials.

Donation Parameters:

We will not take anything that is old, worn, in bad condition, or written in.

Non-fiction books:

  • Nothing over 5 years old is accepted.

Technology/Medical books:

  • Nothing over 3 years old is accepted.

Reference materials:

  • Nothing over 5 years old is accepted.

Hardback fiction books:

  • Nothing over 10 years old is accepted.

Paperback Fiction:

  • We only accept paperback fiction when we have room for them in our book sale as we do not add them to our collection.

NO VHS or cassettes are accepted.

DVD/Blu-ray and Books on CD that are in good working condition will be accepted.

NO textbooks, workbooks, dictionaries, or encyclopedias will be accepted.

Other nonprofits that accept book donations:

  • Terrell State Hospital 972-551-8639
  • United Way of Kaufman 972-563-9955