Fire Department

The Mission of the Terrell Fire Department is to provide the highest quality of fire suppression, emergency medical, fire prevention/education, fire code enforcement, and disaster services to the citizens of Terrell.

Vision: To complete our mission, the Terrell Fire Department will be continually trained with the latest information and tactics to provide our community with the best possible fire suppression and emergency medical service available.

Our Core Values: Courage, Duty, Honor, and Integrity

The Terrell Fire Department provides emergency and non-emergency services to an area of approximately 25 square miles with a population estimated between 35,000 to 40,000 day-time and a night-time population of approximately 18,000. The Department responds to approximately 4,000 Fire and EMS calls annually. The Department’s staffing level is comprised of thirty (30) operational full-time personnel, three (3) Administrative Staff members which include the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, and Deputy Fire Marshal, one (1) Emergency Management Coordinator, and one (1) civilian Administrative Technician. Our operational response utilizes a fleet housed in two fire stations and consists of one (1) 105’ Smeal Ladder Truck (Quint), one (1) 1500 gpm Spartan Pumper (Engine), one (1) Wildland Brush Truck, one (1) F-350 Battalion Chief’s vehicle designed and equipped to function as the Department’s Incident Command Vehicle and an F-450 Special Rescue Unit. This fleet is backed up by two (2) 1500 gpm Pumpers (Engines) maintained in reserve. Staff vehicles consist of two (3) F-250 diesel pickup trucks and one (1) F-350 gasoline pickup with one (1) fulfilling the role of a backup (reserve) for the Department’s front-line Battalion Chief’s Vehicle.