About Us

The Department of Human Resources’ mission is to attract, support, retain, care for, and develop a diverse, talented, and competent workforce that enables Terrell departments to achieve their specific objectives as well as the mission of the overall city in an excellent manner.

We want to be the employer of choice for Kaufman County.


    • Customer service – operational departments are our users, and we are committed to providing them the human resources they need to provide excellent services and good to our citizens.
    • Excellence – We pursue high quality in our processes, care for employees and service.
    • Creativity – We value creative thinking and actions that seek to keep our work unit and the city on the leading edge, using imagination and innovation to solve problems, anticipating change, and capitalizing on opportunities as they arise.
    • Improvement – We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement of the city’s most valuable resource, its people.
    • Openness – We value constructive criticism to improve and adapt to change.
    • Teamwork – We are a vital member of the overall city team, and we will participate in our unique role of supporting and building team excellence.
    • Wellness – We are committed to cultivating the healthy physical, social, and emotional well-being of our employees, including providing policies and insurance to support individual employees in their times of need.
    • Integrity – We maintain the integrity of the human resources system consistent with and responsive to the City’s interests, and conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics for all city employees.
    • Respect and good care – We embrace each individual’s unique talents and pursue diversity in our workforce as a means to better serve our community.
    • Service – We provide all customers with meaningful, thoughtful, positive interactions with a high standard of professionalism, and treat individuals with respect.
    • Confidentiality – We value our employees’ needs for confidentiality and trust.
    • Integrity – We will deal fairly and honestly with every employee, regardless of need or issue.


    1. Recruiting qualified applicants
    2. Hiring and onboarding new employees
    3. Administer pre-payroll processes
    4. Training employees
    5. Creating and managing a classification system
    6. Compensating
    7. Managing employees
    8. Providing employee assistance programs
    9. Administering employee benefits
    10. Health and other employee insurance
    11. Assisting with retiring employees
    12. Maintaining personnel records
    13. Administering performance evaluation programs
    14.  Manage employee grievance process and procedures
    15. Regulatory reporting
    16. Property insurance
    17. Workers compensation
    18. FMLA
    19. Develop and administer progressive and relevant personnel policies
    20. EEO compliance