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Swimming Pool Rules


Municipal Swimming Pool 1. Pool Manager or his designee has authorization to request anyone to take a shower before entering the pool.




3. All children 9 years of age and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult eighteen (18) years old or older.


4. Running, horseplay or excessive splashing is not allowed in the pool area.


5. Diving permitted in designated area only.


6. Patrons with open wounds or sores or evidence of a contagious disease will not be allowed in the pool.


7. Swimmers must stay off ropes, safety lines and lifeguard stands.


8. Food and beverages must be confined to the concession area, no coolers allowed.


9. Breakable objects are not permitted in the pool area.


10. Flotation devices will be allowed at the manager's discretion. No arm floats are allowed. Flotation devices must be certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.


11. Abusive or profane language will not be permitted.


12. The pool is a non-smoking facility. No tobacco products of any kind are permitted. This includes outside of the fence. Note: Ben Gill park is smoke free!


13. The City of Terrell and/or Pool Employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


14. There will be a 10-minute break for Adult Swim at the top of each hour (age 18 and up).


15. The manager or his designee reserves the right to refuse admittance or to remove anyone, if in his opinion the safety and/or health of the general public is in danger.


16. Loitering is not permitted outside the pool area including the parking lot.


17. All admission fees applicable to any individual entering the pool area regardless if they plan to swim or not.


18. No rain or inclement weather refunds.



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