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Municipal Development


201 East Nash
Terrell, TX 75160
Metro:  972-524-3332
Fax:  972-551-6677
Inspection Hotline:  972-551-6654
Permits and Registration: permits@cityofterrell.org
E-mail: municipaldevelopment@cityofterrell.org



 Director: Charles Fenner Ext.247
 Chief Building Official: Ext. 300

 Code Enforcement Supervisor: Ricky Mendez Ext. 250

 Code Enforcement Officer: Ronnie Click Ext.249

 Building Inspector: Bobby Phillips Ext.289
 Code Enforcement Officer: Scott Boyd Ext. 248
 Code Enforcement Officer: Will Duff Ext. 479
 Administrative Technician II: Gina Dominguez Ext. 283

 Administrative Technician II: Elvia Mier  Ext. 244


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.




Municipal Development deals with all aspects of planning, building, development, and code enforcement within the City of Terrell. The department’s responsibilities are divided into three divisions: Planning and Zoning, Building Inspections, and Code Enforcement. Below you will find a heading for each division with links and information related to that area of responsibility.


The Developer’s Corner is a one-stop information center for everything you need to know about the development processes, including zoning, platting, economic development incentives, and obtaining building permits. You’ll find fee schedules, guides, checklists, applications, submittal requirements, maps, ordinances, and contact information. The Developer's Corner also provides the latest information regarding current development activities such as Building Permits recently issued, Certificates of Occupancy recently issued, and Development Projects that are starting up.


Municipal Development works closely with the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustments, the Building Standards Commission, and the Construction Board of Adjustments.


Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets at 5:30 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each month. Meetings are held in the City Council Chamber at City Hall, 201 East Nash street. Deadline for item consideration is the first week of the month.


Agendas are posted on the City Calendar when they become available.


Click here for a copy of the zoning ordinanceThe Zoning Board of Adjustment meets at 5:30 p.m. on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Meetings are held in the City Council Chamber at City Hall, 201 East Nash street.


City of Terrell Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance 2612)
(3.7 meg download in pdf format)

Planning and zoning map



The following are links to the most requested P & Z forms, ordinances, or other information:



*Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view and print pdf documents.
Download it free.


Building Inspections

new construction in TerrellThe mission of the Building Inspection Department is to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment by reasonable enforcement of the codes, providing efficient customer service, and ensuring quality in the design, construction, and use of properties within the city.


This is done through review of requests for permits, confirming compliance with all state and local codes and ordinances, inspection of new construction projects and inspection of existing buildings for code compliance, and issuance of construction permits.


The Building Inspections Division also acts as the staff liaison to the Buildings and Standards Commission in the adjudication of substandard and dangerous buildings.


Permits are necessary so that we can help you complete your project and meet certain safety and legal issues. This website will help guide you through the necessary steps in getting a permit for just about any project you might do or have done.

The Building Inspection Hot line number is 972-551-6654.


Press #1 for Building Inspection

Press #2 for Fire Marshal

Press #3 for Code Enforcement Complaints


Leave your name and phone number, job address, and type of inspection you are requesting.


The following are links to the most requested building inspection forms, ordinances or other information:




Code Enforcement

The City of Terrell, by direction of the City Council, has for the past 3 years made it a priority to clean up all residential and commercial properties in our city. There are four code enforcement officers who travel throughout the city and are pro-active in eliminating nuisances such as High Weeds and Grass, Junk/Debris, Junk Vehicles, and Off-Premise Signs.


The city is divided into three enforcement zones. The east side of Terrell from Virginia St./Hwy 34 to the east (Zone 1) is patrolled by Code Officer Scott Boyd. The central parts of town between Virginia and Rockwall Streets (Zone 2) are handled by Code Officer Will Duff. Everything west of Rockwall Street (Zone 3) is covered by Code Officer Ronnie Click.


Feel free to call our hotline, which is a direct message center line (972-551-6654 #3), with any questions or to report code violations.

You can also use email to contact us for a prompt response.



High Weeds/Grass- Chapter 7, Section 3 of the City of Terrell Code of Ordinances: Property owners/tenants (agents in charge of the property) must keep all grass and weeds below 12” at all time including all easements, alleyways, and curb lines adjacent to their property. Penalties for non-compliance of notice shall result in a citation and/or abatement by the city or its contractor resulting in a bill for the mowing and administrative fees.


Junk/Debris- Chapter 7, Section 3 of the City of Terrell Code of Ordinances: Property owners/tenants (agents in charge of the property) must keep the property free of any accumulation of trash, rubbish, brush, furniture, appliances, or anything that can harbor rats, rodents, vermin, or any other disease carrying pests. Penalties for non-compliance of notice shall result in a citation and/or abatement by the City of Terrell or its contractor to remove the nuisance. This will also carry a bill for service and an administrative fee.


Junk Vehicles- Chapter 7, Section 4 of the City of Terrell Code of Ordinances: A junk vehicle is defined as "any self-propelled vehicle that does not have lawfully attached to it an unexpired license plate registration or a valid motor vehicle inspection sticker or is discarded or wrecked or dismantled or has remained inoperable for more than 30 days on private property or 72 hours on public property".


If your vehicle is lacking any of these criteria it is considered a junk vehicle. If it is in ordinary public view, which is being able to be seen from any public street or easement, the city shall begin actions to abate the nuisance. Vehicles may be kept in a garage, behind a fence, but out of public view, or moved from city limits until it is brought back into compliance.


After 10 days of notice a judge order will go on the vehicle and it shall be towed to a scrap yard to be immediately crushed. By State Law as well as City Code, once these actions are taken it cannot be retrieved by the owner or the City of Terrell.





Municipal Development serves as airport development and maintenance liaison between the Airport Board, the fixed base operator (FBO), and City staff. The department conducts bi-weekly airport safety inspections on lights and beacons, maintains airport safety apparatus, keeps airport property records, and provides a representative for TXDoT/Aviation Division maintenance projects.


The Terrell Municipal Airport website

Restaurant/Health Complaint

To file a complaint with the City of Terrell Health Inspector about unsanitary or health violations at a restaurant or other facility please use the following email link (Please include the name of the business, address, nature of complaint and date the violation was observed): Health Inspections at healthinspector@cityofterrell.org 972-551-6600 Ext. 283 - Terrell Inspections Hotline: 972-551-6654 Option #3. If you want follow-up information please include your name and contact information

Housing Inspections

Under Construction.

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