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Growth Management Works



Purpose of Program:


Growth Management Works (GMW) is a comprehensive process for local elected officials to provide quality growth in unincorporated areas, as new communities develop in the future.  GMW provides local policy makers with a decision-support tool, which guides development in special districts within the City of Terrell's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), one mile outside the corporate limits (see map depiction).

Description of Program


  • Guide growth in the extraterritorial jurisdiction.
  • Develop compatible land uses inside the extraterritorial jurisdictional area and beyond.
  • Generate new sources of future revenue for the City of Terrell.
  • Negotiate Strategic Partnership Agreements.
  • Front end development agreements to ensure quality growth.


Program Success


Since 2002, the City of Terrell has been actively promoting the on-going development and enhancement of the Growth Management Works Program.  The City of Terrell has approved ordinances regarding land use assumptions, a comprehensive plan, capital improvement programs, impact fees, infrastructure improvement, subdivision regulations, downtown redevelopment planning zoning ordinance and development of a long term economic development strategy.


In July 2006, the City of Terrell entered into development agreements with Traditions at Brushy Creek, a Las Lomas Development.  This agreement encompassed approximately 6,000 acres of industrial, residential and commercial designations in the extraterritorial jurisdictions of the City of Terrell.  Currently, other larger developments are also in the works.  This development is currently recorded as the largest comprehensive planned development in Kaufman County.


The successful implementation of Growth Management Works has established this Program as an effective local decision making tool for the Mayor, City Council and staff of the City of Terrell to guide policy decisions for the continued preservation of the character of the City of Terrell.


Historical Information

City Council Special Meeting and Workshop

  • January 28, 2005 - Growth Management Staff Presentation for Discussion.
  • February 7, 2006 - Growth Management Staff Presentation for Discussion


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