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Citizens Feedback Form


The City of Terrell has provided this form to foster better communication between our citizens and City government staff.


Has a clerk at City Hall been especially helpful? Do you have a compliment for a favorite librarian? Do you want to let us know about a problem at a city park? Or do you have a complaint about a city service?


Let us know what you think!


We welcome our citizens’ input on the City of Terrell’s performance. Of course, we hope to hear what you think we are doing right, as well as what you think we are doing wrong.


If there is a problem, we will try to solve it. If you have a pat on the back for someone, we’ll pass it along.


As always, we look forward to hearing from you.


(If you have a question about the City of Terrell, send it to Ask the Mayor.)



You are not required to fill out your name or contact information to submit this form.


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If, however, you have a question and would like to be contacted with an answer, please fill in your name, address and phone number and submit your request here.


You will then be able to check the status of your request.



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