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Click on image for larger viewWelcome to the Terrell Developer’s Corner. We believe you will find that Terrell offers one of the most pro-business and developer friendly environments in North Texas. We are a CAN DO community – let us know where you want to go and we will help you get there.

The purpose of this site is two-fold:


First, this is a one-stop information center for everything you need to know about the development processes, including zoning, platting, economic development incentives, and obtaining building permits. You’ll find fee schedules, guides, checklists, applications, submittal requirements, maps, ordinances, and contact information.

Developers Handbook

Second, information about current development projects in the works, recent building permits and certificates of occupancy issued with primary contact information are also posted here so that vendors, suppliers, contractors or service industry representatives who offer services and products to the local development or business community will have timely information about what is happening in Terrell. (Note: the City of Terrell encourages the use of local vendors and services, but does not endorse or promote any business in particular.)


Developers Handbook
- A Guide To Planning, Zoning, Platting, And Building
In Terrell, Texas

Click here for a copy of the zoning ordinance

City of Terrell Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance 2612)
(3.7 meg download in pdf format)


Future Land Use Map (1.3 meg file in pdf format)


Residential Economic Incentive Program


Regional Water Facilities Study (7.8 meg file in pdf format)


Regional Wastewater Facilities Study (24 meg file in pdf format)


If you can’t find the information you are looking for or have specific questions about building or development in Terrell please contact us:


Municipal Development Director, 972-551-6600 ext. 247

Steve Rogers, City Engineer, 972-551-6600 ext. 240

Danny Booth, President/CEO, Terrell Economic Development Corporation, 972-524-5703

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Current Development Projects

Project Type Planning & Zoning City Council Location Owner Lots/Acres
January 2017


Building Permits Issued

Date Permit Issued Owner/Project Location General Contractor Scope of Work Valuation (New Only)
May, 2017
05/17/2017 Oldcastle Glass Engineered Products Inc. 803 Airport Rd Lloyd Plyler Construction Commercial -Grading 700,000
05/24/2017 Ricky Redell Ponton 123 Damon Matrix Electric Company Inc. Residential – New Construction 125,000
05/26/2017 Cockerel Illinois LLC 1700 S Hwy 34 Matrix Electric Company Inc. Commercial – Addition and Remodel 150,000
April, 2017
04/04/2017 Venus Initiative LLC 2350 Airport Rd Colt Concrete & Asphalp Commercial – Flat work 1,800,000
04/17/2017 Risinger Casey M 508 Gold Meadow Dr. Hobert Pools Residential - Addition 60,000
04/19/2017 Daniel Heideman 157 Birdsong Ln. Heideman Construction Residential – New Construction 177,000
04/19/2017 Salvador Garcia 403 Alamo Salvador Garcia Residential – Remodel 50,000
March, 2017
03/06/2017 Kevin Brown 413 Bethlehem Pete’s Construction Residential – New Construction 85,000
03/08/2017 Samuel Dimson 500 New Hope Pete’s Construction Residential – New Construction 85,000
03/14/2017 Buc-ee’s LTD 231 W Crossroads Enchanted Rock Electric LLC Electrical 150,000
03/14/2017 Terrell ISD 400 Poetry Rd Gallagher Construction Services Commercial – New Construction 8,500,000
03/14/2017 Terrell ISD 1251 Colquitt Rd Gallagher Construction Services Commercial – New Construction 13,000,000
03/14/2017 Terrell ISD 121 Poetry Rd Gallagher Construction Services Commercial – Addition and Remodel 2,000,000
03/29/2017 James H Jr. & Demia Dupuch 703 S Park Pete’s Construction Residential – New Construction 800,000
03/29/2017 James H Jr. & Demia Dupuch 702 S Park Pete’s Construction Residential – New Construction 85,000
03/30/2017 Aimarco Properties LLC 1396 FM 148 Westmoreland Builder LLC Commercial - New Construction 800,000
February, 2017
2/02/2017 Terrell 1351 Colquitt Service Fire and Industrial Fire Sprikler 60,000
2/8/2017 Helen M Whaley 155 Birdsong Dalrock Homes Residential – New Construction 170,400
2/15/2017 Aimarco Properties LLC

1370 FM 148 Panterra Construction Commercial – New Construction 750,000
January, 2017
1/10/2017 Paula and Rodney Wyble 307 Grace Ln Paula and Rodney Wyble Residential/Remodel 76,200
1/18/2017 Terrell ISD 1400 Rockwall Ave Gallagher Construction Commercial – New Construction 7,800,000
1/18/2017 Terrell ISD 1351 Colquitt Rd. Gallagher Construction Commercial – New Construction 7,400,400
1/27/2017 Jose A Galarza 406 Timberside Dr Jose A Galarza Residential – New Construction 800,000



Certificates of Occupancy Issued


Date Approved Name of Business Type of Business Location Owner/Agent
May, 2017
05/01/2017 Jayleen Nail Salon Nail Salon 804 E Moore Ave. Ste. B Gabriel Padilla 469-655-7531
05/01/2017 Alex Tire Tire Shop 1134 S. Hwy 34 Alex Cabrera 214-635-9907
05/09/2017 Estrada Auto Group Auto Dealership 1134 S. Hwy 34 Juan M Estrada 817-412-3532
05/09/2017 Austin 5 Retail Store 301 Tanger Dr. Ste. 220 Mehmet Koyu 512-228-2925
April, 2017
04/10/2017 Lovers Lane Apartments Apartments 100 & 200 Lovers Lane Stone Creek Apt. 214-938-0964
04/10/2017 Achievement Martial Arts Academy Physical Fitness/Self Defense/Martial Arts 201 W Moore Paul Willis 972-210-7522
04/18/2017 R & R Design Inc. Warehouse Distribution Center 1112 S. Hwy 34 Rabal Enterprises 972-524-1789
04/21/2017 Styles of India (SOI Brow) Nail Salon 1880 W. Moore Ste. 1 Akar Pokhrel 972-800-1569
04/25/2017 Terrell Café Food Service Establishment/Restaurant 801 E. Moore Margarita Moreno 469-474-4987
04/25/2017 The Speckled Bird Retail Store 118 E. Moore Ave Danice Easter 469-595-3704
March, 2017
03/06/2017 Vanessa’s Barber/Beauty Salon 101 Sage St
Ste. F
Vanessa Hunter 214-908-9984
03/08/2017 Hardin Ministries Inc. Church/Temple/Place of Worship 709 N Virginia Mark & Cindy Hardin 469-652-2314
03/08/2017 Swingin Doors Bar/Cantina 304 S FM 148 Sheryl Ballantine 972-563-0005
03/15/2017 Madix Inc. Warehouse Distribution Center 250 Skyline Dr. Ste. F Madix b 214-515-5400
03/16/2017 Wright Transmission Shop Auto Repair 201 E Grove Lois & Reginald Wright 214-887-4601
03/30/2017 Clothing’s And More Retail Store 212 S Rockwall Ave. Michael Hickmon 214-830-2585
03/31/2017 Terrell Farmers Market Farmers Market 120 N Virginia Juan Herrera 972-563-1844
February, 2017
2/1/2017 Terrell Police Headquarters Governmental/City 1100 N Hwy 34 City Of Terrell
2/06/2017 Top Shelf Millwork Inc. Cabinet Manufacture 714 E Grove James Norhtcutt 214-315-0024
2/10/2017 Addition- Truck Shop Truck Repair 222 Metro Dr Ste. B James Helwig
2/10/2017 Corner/Store Valero Gas Station 1200 W Moore Ave EPP Texas Acquisition LLC 972 563-8462
2/13/2017 Higher Accontability Professional Service 900 S Delphine Deborah Vyborny 214-254-0332
02/14/2017 Terrell Children’s Clinic Hospital/Clinic & Nursing Home 1446 W Moore Ave Ste. 206 Sue Chen Corporation
02/14/2017 Helwig Trucking Office 222 Metro Dr Ste. A James Helwig
02/17/2017 Ebenezer Tax & Wealth Management Office 201 N Rockwall Patsy Hottinger 972 497-1424
02/20/2017 Lafayettes Seafood Food Service Establishment Restaurant 501 E Moore Ave Bill Wyatt
02/22/2017 Williamson’s Glass and Mirrow Retail Store 111 W Moore Dorman Williams 972-951-8403
January, 2017
1/03/2017 Joelopy’s Garage/Eugene Reese Warehouse Distribution Center 356 E Grove Eugene Reese 214-676-0328
1/03/2017 TD Metal Fabricators & Company Industrial Processes 225 Metro Dr. Ste. 200 Mike Durrett 214-730-1289
1/03/2017 Iglesia Casa De Dios Church/Temple/Place of Worship 819 E. Moore Ely Fajardo 469-231-1603
1/6/2017 Gardner’s Handy, Lawn & Property Office 726 E Moore Ave. Billy Gardner 469-951-5153
1/23/2017 Appearances Barber/Beauty Salon 1736 N Frances Tifanney Porter 214-229-8766
1/25/2017 J.T. Insurance & More dba Farmers Insurance Office 101 Sage Ste. J Jeffrey Smith 903-280-5088
1/25/2017 General Office – Freight Brokerage Business Office 1132 S. Hwy 34 Lois West Ramsey 972-877-7222
1/25/2017 Panda Express Restaurant 1390 FM 148 Panda Express Inc. 626-799-9898


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