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Mayor Hal Richards

Q. - What city ordinance covers the restrictions and requirements for garage & yard sales?

Answer - Below is the information you requested. This information is posted on the website along with all City Ordinances.


If you have questions or comments you can contact the Municipal Development Department at City Hall and someone will be glad to assist you. (Phone: 972-551-6600    email)


Chapter 13 ZONING

Occasional sales (including garage and patio sales). Sales of tangible personal property at retail, not to exceed two (2) in number during any twelve (12) month period, by a person who does not hold himself out as engaging, or does not habitually engage in the business of selling such tangible personal property at retail; provided that (1) the tangible personal property shall be sold only on the premises of owner or lessee of the property where the sale is conducted and said owner or lessee must be the legal owner of such tangible personal property at the time of such sale; (2) the sale shall be confined to the garage or patio on such premises; (3) no new merchandise (i.e. merchandise acquired solely for the purpose of resale) shall be sold at such occasional sales; and (4) the duration of such sale shall not exceed three (3) consecutive calendar days.


Sec. 4-22. Regulations of signs, banners, and awnings.*

Temporary signs advertising occasional sales (including garage, patio, estate, and porch sales) shall be limited to one sign not to exceed two square feet placed upon the property where the sale is conducted. Off-site garage sale signs are permitted, provided they have the address of the sale upon them, and they are self-supporting and not placed within public rights-of-way or mounted upon public or utility structures (e.g., telephone poles, street light standards, street sign poles, public buildings, etc.) or on trees, fences, etc. Off-site garage sale signs may not be placed prior to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, and they must be recovered (removed) by 8:00 a.m. Monday. A fine will be assessed for each off-site garage sale sign left after 8:00 a.m. Monday recovery time/date. No more than four off-site garage sale signs are permitted for each garage sale event.



Hal Richards, Mayor




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