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Mayor Hal Richards

Q - Please consider doing two things for me and others living along Windsor Avenue between Rockwall and FM 2578.


Among several others, I daily walk my dog along Windsor Avenue. While there are no sidewalks in this stretch of Windsor, there are sidewalks on Windsor Avenue over by Home Depot - where no people live (go figure). Thus, we are forced to walk in the street, especially following rainy periods.


I have seen mothers pushing baby carriages, children riding bicycles, residents of the Senior Citizens Center and others walking in the street on Windsor Avenue.


Meanwhile, motorists - I would say the vast, vast majority - speed along Windsor Avenue well above the unposted speed limit of 30 MPH. It is not unusual to see motorists going in excess of 50 MPH.


The two things:


  1. Place 30 MPH speed limit signs along Windsor Avenue so motorists are aware of the speed limit.
  2. If the city has one of those portable traffic signs that flashes the driver's speed vs. the speed limit, please consider putting it out on Windsor Avenue as an educational tool for motorists, most of whom have no idea they are speeding absent speed limit signs.


Finally, I notice that Terrell Senior Terraces has a sign up on Windsor Avenue announcing phase III of their development. Could the city request/require that sidewalks be put in when this phase is built? Then, installing sidewalks all along Windsor Avenue would be a nice addition to improve the quality of life for those of us who live in the area.


Thanks for your consideration.


Answer - Thanks for the questions about speeding on Windsor Avenue.


The City will schedule to place lighted signs on Windsor to alert drivers as to their speed. You have probably seen these signs around town and elsewhere. The concept is that many drivers are not always aware of how fast they are going. I think these signs are generally pretty effective.


The City currently owns two of these trailer mounted units. When they are available Terrell Police Service will place them on Windsor.


I do not know whether or not the phase III of Terrell Senior Terraces will be built. I will ask the Municipal Development Director to look into the question of sidewalks for any proposed development along Windsor.



Hal Richards, Mayor




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