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Mayor Hal Richards

Q. - With the tremendous numbers of kids of all ages who play soccer, why doesn't the City explore grants or financing for lights around the soccer fields off Colquitt Rd and Ninth Street?


Particularly in the late fall when the time changes, it is almost impossible for practice or games to conducted safely. Lighting would also encourage walkers to use the area as it would not be as isolated in the evening as the path around the fields at the rear of the newer baseball fields.


Thank you for your willingness to provide this forum and good luck with a demanding job.

Answer - Having had soccer players in my family, I am very familiar with the need to light the soccer fields. There have been a number of ongoing efforts to find funding for lighting for the soccer fields.

As many Terrell residents may know by now, we are in the process of replacing all of the electrical infrastructure and lighting at the softball fields. The total cost of this project is in the range of $500,000 and is funded by the Gill Foundation. The Foundation approached the City, expressing their interest in funding park improvements. After being presented with various options, the Foundation concluded that the best and only viable project that could be completed with the funds available was the softball lighting project.

Some of the factors in this decision were:

  • The 40-50 year old light and utility poles were becoming a danger as they were beginning to crack and split and were going to have to be replaced (at great expense).
  • The old existing lighting is not as safe as it needs to be from a player safety perspective.
  • The old lighting is very energy inefficient and expensive to operate. The new lighting is extremely energy efficient and is fully guaranteed for 25 years.
  • The new lighting arrangement will drastically improve the appearance of the fields. There will be about 1/3 the number of poles and all of the electrical will be below ground instead of overhead.

The citizens of Terrell should be grateful for the incredible generosity of the Gill Foundation. Over the years, the Foundation and the families represented have enabled Terrell to have a community park that far exceeds anything we could have provided on our own.



Hal Richards, Mayor




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