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Mayor Hal Richards

Q. - My daughter, KJ, and I took a book of pictures to the Mayor's office many weeks ago.


I have been teaching KJ the value of community. One day we went to walk around Meadowcrest. She and I started discussing the overgrown grass and neglect of that area.


We decided to take pictures and put them into a book so the Mayor could see how bad the area is. As of today, all that has been done is the mowing of a strip next to the street, which we are assuming is the City's property line.


We are sad that our efforts did nothing. What KJ has learned about the value of community involvement is that just because you report a problem, it is not so easily solved.


This could be a beautiful area if it were not so abandoned.

Answer - I did receive your pictures but there was no contact information provided, so I did not know how to reach you. Since your question was sent to the City website we have been getting all of the information needed to answer you. Some of the delay has been due to my schedule. Here is some information that I would particularly like for KJ to understand.


The property you refer to is owned by an out of state company. The City of Terrell requires all property owners to maintain their property, keeping it mowed and free of debris. The City can require this because we are responsible for public health and safety. When someone (a person or a company) does not take care of its property sometimes the City has to do it.


We mow and clean up a lot of private property in the City at great cost to our taxpayers. If you live in the City you are paying for that work through your taxes.


When the City has to do the work, we send a bill to the property owner. If the property owner does not pay the bill we attach a notice to the property records at Kaufman County. The notice is called a lien and makes it really hard for someone to sell the property until the debt is paid. Sometimes it can take years and years for the City to get paid.


As a result of the information you sent me, the City has done the following things:


  • The City removed some large junk and trash from some of the lots
  • A plan has been made to completely mow the lots that are visible from Arlie White Park and the High School.
  • A wide strip will be mowed along the street and a wide border will be mowed along the fence lines next to homes.
  • The lot at the corner of Thronbrier and Meadowcrest that is visible from Highway 34 will be mowed.


The City will keep trying to collect money from the property owner but they have filed bankruptcy, meaning they say they have no money.


The City does not have enough people or equipment to mow and clean up all of the private property in the City. When citizens like you inform the City about situations that need attention, we try to find a solution.


I really appreciate that you took the time to let me know about the problem.




Hal Richards, Mayor



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