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Hal Richards


Do you have a question about City Government? Have you ever wondered why we do what we do, or even how we do what we do? This is your opportunity to find out! - Mayor D.J. Ory


Submit a question to the Mayor or City Staff regarding City of Terrell business on the Ask the Mayor form. We will post questions and answers on this page.


This is a service provided for Terrell residents and businesses only. We look forward to your questions!


Date Question and Answers

Q. -Can you tell me what is going to happen to the property between San Jacinto and East McCoulskey?. . . Read More

Answer - From what I understand, the owner of this property is planning to build a house. He may also build a pond and/or plant some trees, . . . Read More


Q. -What board or entity sets the city property tax rate
and homestead exemption amounts for the City of Terrell and how can they be contacted with questions?. . . Read More

Answer - The City of Terrell City Council sets the tax rate annually after a public hearing in accordance with the Tax Code. The City has established the following homestead exemptions . . . Read More


Q. -What is the update on the Fairfield Inn by Buccees?
They started ground work but I haven't seen other work since? . . . Read More

Answer - The Fairfield Marriott project is behind schedule due to a legal dispute that occurred between the owner and the contractor. . . . Read More


Q. -Any new information on the new Baylor Hospital? Are they still going to build one? . . . Read More

Answer - Baylor owns over 50 acres adjacent to Buc-ee's, they participated in the cost of building the roads . . . Read More


Q. -The mosquitos are out of control. Can the city spray before June to control them? . . . Read More


Answer - The City is planning to begin spraying for mosquitos on Tuesday, May 2nd. . . Read More


Q. -As Mayor are you aware that feral hogs have been spotted in our area of the city? . . . These hogs do a lot of damage. . . Read More


Answer - Terrell animal control and Terrell police are aware of the feral hog problem in your area . . . Read More


Q - I've been told for months now that Hobby Lobby is going to be a new addition to the city. . . Read More


Answer - We work hard at the City to create an investment-friendly environment and to attract new businesses to our City. . . Read More


Q. -When is Terrell going to get a real animal shelter? Not just a house with a carport . . . Read More

Answer - The City of Terrell has made significant improvements regarding care and welfare of stray animals including . . . Read More


Q. -I have for several months tried to find the agenda for the city council meetings but have not been able to find them . . . Read More


Answer - The City Secretary's office posts the meeting agendas on the City's calendar and the council packet . . . Read More


Q. -I was walking my dog on North Rockwall at
4 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15. I was shocked at the cars traveling on this street, as many cars were exceeding the speed limit. . . Read More


Answer - Thanks for your inquiry. Citizen safety is a priority for our police department and city management and staff. The police department frequently gets traffic complaints . . . Read More


Q. - I was passing the intersection of West Moore and Highway 205 where the flags are located. All of these flags are very badly faded and tattered . . . Read More


Answer - The City of Terrell recently took ownership of flag responsibility at this location. New flags were installed . . . Read More


Q. - While we live in Oakridge and not Terrell we are curious about what happened to the hotel that was supposed to be built behind Buckee's. . . Read More

Answer - Construction is continuing . . . Read More


Q. - Where do I go to register to vote?

Answer - Voter Registration is at the Kaufman County Tax Office.


Q. - Since the ETJ will definitely be moved, what will be the extent of the limited power the city will have over the new area?

Answer - State law regulates what powers a City has within its extraterritorial jurisdiction. . . Read More


Q. - What is being done about the poor water quality . . .
Read More


Answer - The City of Terrell purchases water from North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Both NTMWD and the City of Terrell are required to perform tests on treated water on a routine basis. . . Read More


Q. - Once the annexation of the new territory is approved, does that mean then that the ETJ will then be moved farther out? . . . Read More

Answer - State law governs both annexations and ETJ distances. . . . Read More


Q. - I'd like to know why the residents are being forced to pay a 33% increase to our taxes, water and sewer bills that are already 3 times higher than surrounding cities.  . . . Read More


Answer - The City Council voted in a 3% tax rate increase. Two public hearings were held on the tax rate. All Council meetings are open to anyone who desires to attend. The proposed rate will generate an estimated $301,868.00 dollars. These funds will be used for roadway improvements in the city.


Water and sewer rates vary from city to city. . . .Read More


Q. -Why isn't there an option when I pay my water bill to view past bills and payments? Read More


Answer - The payment website is operated by a third party credit card vendor. . .Read More


Q. - Again asking about the stretch of North Frances from where it connect to the old Hwy 34N and goes to East State Street just before Pecan Street. The city might have filled in 6 or so pot holes BUT which is not a remedy for how bad it is. Is there a specific plan to repave this stretch for sure and if so, is there a specific date for this? . . Read more


Answer - Spot repairs will continue on North Frances until utility work has been completed. Street maintenance anticipates utility work to be finished by December 2016. Subsequent to the utility repairs, evaluation and budgeting of full depth reclamation of this section of North Frances should begin in the fall of 2017.


Q. - Why can't something be done to the section of North Frances St. from where it connects to the old Hwy 34 to about the Pecan St. area where it WAS repaved? . . . Read More


Answer - The street maintenance team will give this area attention by end of this week or early next week.


Q. - I read an "Ask The Mayor" answer pertaining to swimming pool hours and why the pool is closed on Sundays and the response makes sense. My question is this: if there is low attendance... why is there low attendance . . . Read More


Answer - The Parks Department is working on an update to the current Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. . . Read More


Q. - When can we expect the truck to pick up all the tree trimmings up and down Griffith Ave and Brookhollow? . . . Read More


Answer - I have been informed that Progressive Waste has collected tree trimmings. . .Read More

Q. - What's going in the KFC building?

Answer - This property has recently been sold to a private individual. Current city conversation with the land owner indicates that minor property maintenance and pavement replacement will be performed. . . Read More


Q. -Why is there no city ordinance for how far away a registered sex offender needs to live from a child safety zone?

Answer - The City of Terrell does not currently have an ordinance restricting the distance that a registered sex offender may reside relative to a child safety zone. There is no law in the State of Texas that has been passed mandating any such residency requirements or prohibitions.

. . Read More


Q. - . . .WHY there were NO Flags up throughout Downtown during Memorial Day weekend?
. . Read More


Answer - Historically, flag placement in the downtown business district for holidays has been the responsibility of the local boy scout Troop 390.

. . Read More


Q. - We noticed all the fire hydrants in the neighborhood are looking really bad. Was wondering how we go about getting the fire hydrants painted? . .Read More


Answer - Your concern regarding painting of fire hydrants has been forwarded to the city engineering department. The city does not recommend painting the fire hydrant yourself.. . .Read More


Q. -I . . have a problem that smokers do not think that a butt is trash. Sitting on 205 near hwy 80 look at all the butts along the curb, surely someone can sweep them up once a week!. . .Read ]More



Answer - Appearance of Terrell is important to us and that includes highways that should be maintained by the State of Texas. The City of Terrell has contracted a private company to maintain the 80/205 intersection, west to the spur 557 bridge. Annual Terrell city taxpayer cost for this state right-of-way trash collection and mowing is approximately $20,000. . . .Read More


Q. -I . . .have heard several concerned residents talking about the recent bond election that was held and that they are hearing part of that money will be spent to remove and repurpose the . . .14 rec soccer fields at Gill Park. . .Read More



Answer - The City of Terrell and the Terrell Independent School District are currently evaluating Ben Gill Park property . . .Read More


Q. - We have been asked by the crew installing the fiber/optics lines 3 times about the location of our gas and water lines. . .Read More


Answer - Telecommunication contractors are required to locate water and sewer, gas and other buried lines . . .Read More

5/16 Q. - Our church has 43 acres within the City Limits. Who would I speak with about the City purchasing . . .Read More

Answer - City land purchase is a detailed process with the intent to protect or expand existing city assets or . . . Read More


Q. - Is it possible for a modest skate park to be built on the grounds at Ben Gill park? . . . Read More


Answer - The City of Terrell received proposals on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 seeking Request for Qualifications from qualified, experienced professional parks planning consultants. . . Read More

5/16 Q. - What project is currently being conducted on
Pacific Avenue which is requiring the tearing apart of resident's lawns? Why was notice not given?
. . .Read More

Answer - A firm named ZAYO is installing a fiber optic network within our community. . . Read More

5/16 Q. - What happened to the golf course? Why is it closed?

Answer - I believe that the golf course has been purchased . . . Read More

5/16 Q. - What're they building next to the Dairy Queen in Terrell?

Answer - South of the Dairy Queen is a Starbucks. . .Read More

3/16 Q. - Why are city council minutes/agendas not being updated? Latest one is from Febuary 11th.

Answer - The task of posting the minutes and ordinances on the web are through the office of the City Secretary. . .Read More


Q. - I am curious to know why just about every street in Terrell is completely torn up. . . Read More


Answer - First, I don’t think that anyone is satisfied with the condition of many of our streets and it has been the subject of much discussion at City Hall. Some background. . . Read More


Q. - I heard a rumor that Sam's Club would possibly be in the mix over at the 20-80 split. . . Read More


Answer - You are correct to say that we are at a stage in which we cannot respond to your specific question. . . Read More

2/16 Q. - Is it legal to run a business out of your home, if so what are the requirements.

Answer - Day Care establishments are permitted in a residential zone. . .Read More

1/16 Q. - What is the city's opinion to Bucee's "No Truck" policy. . .
Read More

Answer - The City of Terrell has no official position . . . Read More

1/16 Q. - What are some new businesses coming to Terrell around the 80/20 area? Thanks!

Answer - We are all excited about the retail development coming to the I-20/ Hwy 148 area. You probably saw the announcement regarding the building of a Marriott. . . Read More


Q. - I'm seeing brown & white directional signs around town. . . Read More


Answer - That signage is the result of the "Terrell 2015" initiative. . . .Read More


Q. - What is up with the brown box camera sitting at the high school recording people's speeds?. . .Read More


Answer - The speed cameras are placed and operated under the authority of Kaufman County. . .Read More

12/15 Q. - Can you give an approximate date for Baylor Scott White to break ground please? Thank you.

Answer - The Baylor, Scott and White Hospital system owns 50 acres of land at the corner of IH20 and Spur 557. . .Read More

9/15 Q. - Does Bucees have to post gas prices?

Answer -There is no City ordinance that requires posting of gas prices. . . Read More

9/15 Q. - What is being built on the land between Wendy's and IHOP on Hwy 34?

Answer - Wendy’s is building a restaurant to replace their existing one.


7/15 Q. - Now that Buc-ee's is here what other retailers are coming in across 148? I would like to see a good steak house. . . Read More

Answer - Every day someone on our team is talking to retailers and restaurants about opportunities in Terrell . . .Read More


Q. - The exit from QT truck station between the Old Double T steak house and the adjacent hotel enters the I20 west bound exit ramp. There is NO indication to the trucks that they are entering into cross traffic. . .Read More


Answer - That is a complicated and busy intersection. I-20 and Highway 34 are controlled by Texas Department of Transportation. . . .Read More


Q. - The construction on Virginia Street has been over its scheduled date for several months, yet there is never anyone out working on the repairs. . . Read More


Answer - As you know, this is a TxDot project over which the City of Terrell has no control. . . Read More


Q. - When will the city get an update system that allows actual EFT (bank online payments) and direct posting so the bill payments will be processed on time to avoid late fees? . . Read More


Answer - The City of Terrell offers customers 6 ways to pay a utility bill . . . Read More


Q. - In order to register your pet, you must register and send a photo and pay online. I don't own a computer and can't do any of these things. . . Read More


Answer - You can register your pet at the Animal Adoption Center located at 2601 E. US80 in Terrell, TX, Monday - Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. . .Read More

12/14 Q. - According to Chief Lay, there is an on-line registration available on the city web site. . . Read More

Answer - The ordinance we passed that gives us the ability to do the online registration does not take effect until January 1, 2015. Read More

9/14 Q. - How do I obtain information regarding the new memorial for veterans? Read More

Answer - Citizens can purchase bricks by contacting Terrell Marines . . . Read More

7/14 Q. - Is there an ordinance pertaining to trees? There are 2 different residences on the street behind my house with trees that hang over into my yard . . .Read More

Answer - A situation where trees from one person's property overhang and drop debris onto another person's property is not a matter subject to City intervention. . .Read More


Q. - Since the construction on Virginia street began, a lot of vehicles now use N. Frances as a cut through. . .there are a lot of vehicles that go down the street at very excessive speeds. . .Read More


Answer - The construction in the area is something all of us are having to bear and I appreciate your frustration. We will make sure our Patrol Officers are aware. . .Read More

4/14 Q. - Why did the city put a no skateboarding sign up at the Ben Gill pavilion? . . .Read More

Answer - The surfaces of the pavilion and the tennis courts were not constructed to stand up to the wear and tear of skating. . .Read More

4/14 Q. - Why do the lights at the basketball court not work, but the lights at the tennis court and baseball fields work?

Answer - There are 8 lights on the court. When city employees checked they found only 2 were working. . .Read More

3/14 Q. - I had asked about Buc-ees back in January and was told bids are out, should start scraping dirt in mid-Febuary. . . Can you tell us what the delay is? . . . Read More

Answer - Buc-ee’s has signed a development agreement with
the City of Terrell and the Terrell Economic Development Corporation . . .Read More


Q. - Today about 1300 hrs the emergency sirens were sounding... Also, I heard that the City denied Cracker Barrel restaurant a permit to locate in Terrell. Is this true?. . .Read More


Answer - On the first Wednesday of the month, the City of Terrell tests the alert sirens. . . Read More

As far as that Cracker Barrel rumor, that is totally bogus. . . Read More


Q. - This week some people have been planting spikes in my front yard on Virginia Street. Is this street being widened? If so, why?


Answer - You are seeing the early stages of a major Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) project. TxDot is reconstructing Virginia Street from Moore Ave. to Frances Street as part of the original agreement to relocate SH 34 to the new route. . . Read More

11/13 Q. - Crossroads at Terrell will begin construction next year with four major retail anchors . . . What are these other retail businesses?

Answer - As of today we do not know the names of retailers who will locate in Crossroads at Terrell.

The agreements that will put retailers on the site are being handled by The Retail Connection. . . Read More


Q. - What has happened to the "Report a Pothole" form that used to be on the City website? I see plenty that need to be repaired.


Answer - The City realized a need for citizen reporting for situations they observe not limited to potholes. . .Read More






Topic Question and Answer
Building Permits Q - What work can I do inside my home without having to apply for a permit? Answer
City Appearance

Q. - I hope I'm not the only one who has asked this but when can we expect the tree trimmings piled up and down Griffith to be picked up? Answer


Q. - Do you think there will be any future plans to add a nice landscaped city entrance sign on all entrances coming into our city? Answer


Q. - My daughter, KJ, and I took a book of pictures to the Mayor's office many weeks ago.

I have been teaching KJ the value of community. Answer


Q. - There is a vacant house with grass more than knee high. How do we report this to Code Enforcement? Answer


Q - Is there a way that the city can pass an ordinance on non-working vehicle parked in front of their home? Answer


Q - I recently moved back to Terrell after 30 years. I am amazed as to how the residential areas have deteriorated. What happened and how can this be resolved? Answer

City Hall

Q. - I know there is not a race in 2013 for Mayor. When will there be another one? How do I find the information if someone wanted to run? Answer


Q. - Is it hard being the mayor? I've been praying for our country. I hope you've been doing well. - KB age 6 .Answer


Q. - Must a candidate for a vacant city council seat reside in the district for the seat they are running for? Answer


Q. - How do I go about trying to get a city ordinance changed or modified? Answer


Q.- Why does the City of Terrell not fly the American Flag outside city hall? Answer

City Newsletter

Q - Can the minutes of the Council meetings and agendas be included in that newsletter? Answer


Q. - Comments on City Newsletter. Answer


Q. - How can we learn more about new businesses in Terrell? Answer

City Ordinances


Q. - Why do we have a garage sale sign ordinance? Answer


Q. - Are you allowed to raise chickens in your backyard if you live within the city limits of Terrell? Answer


Q. - What city ordinance covers the restrictions and requirements for garage & yard sales? Answer


Q. - When we asked people not to pick up the pecans in front of our house, they claimed that we did not own that property. Answer


Q. - What is it going to take to get a city ordinance passed to require all pawn shops and the like registered with law enforcement. Answer


Q. - Does Terrell have a city ordinance regarding leaving an animal unattended in a hot vehicle? Answer


Q. - Do I need a permit to have a garage sale at my home? Answer


Q. - I was told that the alley ways are for city and utility use only. Why were my neighbors cited for the overgrown weeds? Answer

City Services

Q. - We are interested in curbside recycling. We currently use the drop off locations. Answer


Q. - Does Terrell have a collection point for E-Waste? Answer


Q. - Does the City have a health inspector? Answer


Q. - Will the police officers ever get a new police department? Answer


Q. - The city's website states that the pool has family swim Fridays and Sundays from 3-6. I showed up with my family to a sign hanging stating closed on Sundays to the public. Answer


Q. - What are the chances of getting Wi Fi Internet service in Terrell? Answer

Clean-ups Q. - How do we get the storm debris removed from our street? Answer

Q. - My house was recently robbed on 11-16-08. . . Answer


Q. - I saw recent reports on WFAA-TV Channel 8 News regarding a robbery spree of area convenience stores in Terrell. Answer


Q. - What is being done to stop the the increasing number of break-ins of homes and businesses? Answer


Q - Our neighborhood has experienced a rash of thefts.What can we do to get a curfew imposed? Answer


Q. - Is Super Target building a store in Terrell? Answer


Q. - I have been in the horse industry for many years. Are there any plans on developing a city arena? Answer


Q. - A lot of senior citizens are wondering what the status is regarding the building of the Baylor Hospital on I-20 and also the latest on our own local hospital. Answer


Q. - What's being built at the intersection of Hwy 80 and Spur 557, back to KCR 305? Answer


Q. - What is being built on airport road by Autozone? Answer


Q. - Do you think that Terrell will get a Super Target or a Target? Answer


Q. - With the Trans Texas Corridor gaining some steam. . .what is Terrell doing in order to keep this out of our back yard?  Answer


Q. - Is it likely there will be any funds to add and/or upgrade sidewalks, especially leading downtown? Answer


Q. - Are there any future plans to make the downtown area into an arts district? Answer


Q. - When you call 911 for assistance, the fire department arrives before the ambulance. Answer


Q - Who is in charge of Emergency Management or homeland security in case of evacuations, etc.? Answer


Q. - I was wanting to know where there are jobs for sixteen year olds. Answer


Q. - Are there any jobs in Terrell for a 15 year old?


Q. - I have applied for several job openings with the City. To date I have not been contacted. Answer


Q - I am interested in working for the City of Terrell, part time, in any capacity. Answer

Illegal Immigrants

Q. - In your response to the illegals in Terrell, you stated that, It's a federal law you should leave it up to them.... But so is drugs, so does that mean you will not enforce those issues? Answer


Q. - Has the city addressed the subject of illegal immigrants? Answer


Q. - I too am concerned about the growing number of illegal immigrants. Answer


Q - What is Terrell doing about all the illegals here? Answer

Improvements Q - Just wanted to make a note that I can really start to see huge improvements around town and I want to thank the Mayor, City Council, and staff. Having worked for the city for years I know the work and dedication that it takes by all members and I want you all to know it is not going un-noticed. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Q. - Why are the bathrooms in the park closed and locked every December until after January? Answer


Q. - Can There be a skate park built? We really need one. it would be more convenient than to drive to another town. Answer


Q. - There is a city lake called Terrell City Lake. but I cannot find any access to it . . . Is there a way that the citizens of Terrell can get to the lake to fish? Answer


Q. - With the tremendous numbers of kids of all ages who play soccer, why doesn't the City explore grants or financing for lights around the soccer fields. Answer


Q. - My concern is the new baseball complex. Answer


Q. - There are 8 lights out on the walking path at the city park and around the pavilion area. Answer


Q. - On Monday, November 5th and 12th, I went to the library and tried to park in a handicapped space but couldn't. Answer


Q - I am wondering what one would do to get a "handicap" marker for myself. I'm told it is up to the city. I need one and live at the Terrell Senior Citizens Terraces. Thanks. Answer


Q. - Every time I go to the laundromat, grocery stores, etc. there are cars parked in the handicapped spots. Answer


Q - One of the problems, in my opinion, for the downtown area is lack of parking!!! . . .Is is not feasible to build a parking garage? Answer


Q - Would a multi-level parking facility be feasible? Answer

Police Department

Q. - I wonder if Terrell hires only entry level police officers? Answer


Q. - I am currently serving active duty in the U.S. Navy. . . I plan to move back to Texas and become a police officer. I see that one of the requirements. . is a certain amount of college hours. If I am prior military, is that requirement waived. Answer


Q. - How would I go about getting involved in Terrell law enforcement? Answer

Rental Property

Q. - Annually, someone from City Hall makes an inspection of rentals in the city. The last time I saw them they told me to call if I had any questions etc. I don't remember what department they are in or what number I would call. Can you help? Answer


Q. - I would like to know what can be done to help and protect single families when landlords are not doing their part. Answer


Q. - I called to report a substandard rent house across the street from my home. I am concerned about the ordinance regarding rental properties. Answer


Q. - Hi, I am new to Terrell and I was just wondering what to do when I hear gunfire. Answer


Q. - A house in my neighborhood has a built in pool that has never had a fence around it. I was under the impression at least a 4’ fence has to protect children from falling in that pool. Answer


Q - I am seeing an increasingly amount of hispanics in the Great City of Terrell. Is Terrell considered a "sanctuary city"? Answer

Streets & Traffic

Q. - We have many cars and trucks that use Johnson St. as a cut thru...many of these vehicles use excessive speed. Answer


Q. - When will the street signs on Hwy 34 be changed from FM 2578 to W British Flying School Blvd? Answer


Q. - Is it likely there will be any funds to add and/or upgrade sidewalks, especially leading downtown? Answer


Q. - I'm an avid bicycle rider and I'm grateful you fixed lots of potholes in my area. Do you have any plans to make bike lanes or a shoulder from 1500 N. Frances to 1800 N. Frances? Answer


Q. - When is the City going to trim some of the trees in our area so we can get our motorhome down the road? Answer


Q. - Why can't Colquitt Rd be resurfaced? Answer


Q. - I wanted to know if there is any plan to have the road fixed on old Hwy 80 in the turning lane of the side entrance of the Walmart. Answer


Q. - The new one way streets off Hwy 80 in the business district caught me by surprise the first time I was over there Friday 8/27. What caught me more by surprise was that I was issued a citation. Answer


Q. - Why is there no "Jones Street" sign at N Rockwall and Jones? Answer


Q. - I am a new resident on Samuels Rd. I would like to know when the Samuels Rd. and Cr 233 will be paved with blacktop tar. Answer


Q. - When will the streets in Terrell be repaved? Answer


Q. - There are no speed limit signs on the new Highway 34 extension. Answer


Q. - Why, ever since the camera was installed at Hwy 205 and 80, is the light cycle off so often? Answer


Q. - Are the companies that run the red light program in Terrell licensed in all aspects by Texas law that you are aware of? Answer


Q. - I have reported the street lights out on 2578 from Hwy 34 to the Bridge Crossing Interstate 20. Answer


Q - Why don't we put a stoplight at the intersection of 205 and Colquitt? Answer


Q - Recently I was traveling on CR 305. I was unaware that this road is impassable to all but the most hardy 4-wheel drive. Answer


Q - Among several others, I daily walk my dog along Windsor Avenue between Rockwall and FM 2578. While there are no sidewalks. Answer

Q. - How can I get a pothole fixed? Answer


Q - Why was the issue of red light cameras not presented to the citizens? Answer


Q. Does the City of Terrell allowed a property tax cap for seniors age 65. Answer


Q. - I am fairly new to the city of Terrell at just a little over two years. I have noticed that the property taxes seems a little on the high side. Answer


Q. - I would like to know if you intend to raise the city's tax rate. Answer


Q. - On my most current tax statement there was an indication that city taxes were reduced by sales. What does this mean? Answer

Q. - When I moved to Terrell in Sept my water bill ran about $50. Now it is almost $100 a month. Answer


Q. - My front yard has been dug up for nearly a month. I need it to be repaired. Answer


Q. - Is the new water tower complete? Answer


Q. - I would like to know why I pay the same amount in sewer fees as a family of 10. Answer


Q. - I have noticed a lot of big blue pipe around the area. What’s this pipe for? Answer


Q. - I know this is not the city's responsibility, but maybe you can refer me to the proper authority. Can the trees around power lines be trimmed? Answer


Q. - How can we get another cable company in Terrell. Other companies have better promotions than Suddenlink. Answer


Q. - You came to our co-op yesterday and told us all about the things you do as Mayor. You briefly said something about volunteer work that someone could do to help at city hall. Answer


Q - I am looking to offer a helping hand to those elderly in need. . . .However I don't know how to go about finding those that truly need help. Answer

Website Q - Why isn't SWCC listed on your list of sites in Terrell? Answer

Q. - Hello, we are considering relocating to your area. We have been looking for any information on Park and Ride or van pools. Answer


Q. - I am in charge of fundraising for a youth baseball team. I have seen organizations on the street corners and at intersections collecting money . Answer


Q. -One of the things I've noticed is how many stray dogs roam the streets. Answer


Q. - How can you and the city of Terrell allow the store Hippie Exspress to operate and sell to our children poison that is killing them and putting them in the hospital? Answer


Q. - I am really concerned about these products called "Herbal Incense." Answer


Q. - What can I do as a citizen to start some sort of action to make our restaurants smoke free? Answer


Q. - I understand Chuck Norrismay have been a reserve or an actual police officer in Terrell. Answer


Q. - Is there a noise ordinance within the city limits of Terrell? Answer

Q. - Now that the census is through how much has our city grown and will you be putting up new signs showing our population? Answer


Q. - With the problems of the item called "K2", what will the Terrell City Council do in regards to banning this problem? Answer


Q. - How do I obtain information regarding the new memorial for veterans? Who do we contact concerning buying bricks? Answer


Q. - When will you have the next election for wine & liquor? Answer



Submit a question to the Mayor or City Staff regarding City of Terrell business on the Ask the Mayor form.


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