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D.J. Ory, MayorQ. -1st a complement; I had been out of town showing horses in St. Louis, Mo. & returned home to see the bright street lights on new 34, they look wonderful. 2nd a gripe; I still have a problem that smokers do not think that a butt is trash. Sitting on 205 near hwy 80 look at all the butts along the curb, surely someone can sweep them up once a week! I also wish we could just mow one strip next to the highway from Colquit to Walmart. Would make a pleasant visual as we enter town. First impressions can not be unseen!

Answer - Thanks for your inquiry.


Appearance of Terrell is important to us and that includes highways that should be maintained by the State of Texas. The City of Terrell has contracted a private company to maintain the 80/205 intersection, west to the spur 557 bridge. Annual Terrell city taxpayer cost for this state right-of-way trash collection and mowing is approximately $20,000. Limited resources do not provide for city maintenance from 80/205 intersection, north on state highway 205. Please contact your current state representative - Dr. Stuart Spitzer - and voice your concern about state highway appearances.




D.J. Ory, Mayor




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