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Mayor Hal Richards

Q. - What work can I do inside my home without having to apply for a permit, i.e., mechanical, electical, plumbing, and does my homestead exemption lower the price of the permits, if any apply? Also, where do I apply, City of Terrell, or Kaufman County? Thank you.

Answer - I appreciate your taking time to submit your question.


Our current Zoning Ordinance is quite friendly to someone who operates a home business as defined in the ordinance. Quoting the ordinance. "A home occupation is an occupation customarily carried on in the home by a member of the occupant's family without structural alterations in the building or any of its rooms, without the installation of machinery other than that customary to normal household operation or additional equipment, without the employment of additional persons, without the use of a sign to advertise the occupation, without offering any commodity for sale on the premises and which does not create obnoxious noise or other obnoxious conditions abutting residential property."


In simple terms, a home occupation should be conducted in such a manner that the neighbors are unaware of its existence. No permits are required for most home occupations, however, any occupation that requires State licensing, food permits or health inspections are required to possess valid licenses and have the premises inspected regularly, such as catering, beauticians/barbers, attorneys, tax advisors, architects, etc. In addition, any type of work that requires outside work or storage of equipment or materials at your home is prohibited.


If you are unsure if your proposed business would be acceptable under Terrell Ordinance, you should contact The Municipal Development Department at 972-551-6606 and they would be glad to assist you. They will be able to answer a wide array of questions regarding remodeling, building permits, and other issues. If your home / proposed business is not within the corporate limits of the City of Terrell, you might want to contact Kathy Morris, Public Works Director for Kaufman County. She has an office at the South Annex, 3003 S. Washington in Kaufman. Her phone number is 469-376-4127.

Thanks again for your question.




Hal Richards, Mayor




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